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Habton Welcomes You! 

Welcome or welcome back to Habton hotel! It is safe to say that Habton is back and the momentum has once again sparked. We appreciate all of you on board who choose to ride this journey with us as it is destined to many places of wonders! Metaphorically speaking, we are embarking on a journey filled with adventures together! Are you ready?

Updates lead to development, and development leads to success. Speaking of developement? Habton welcomes our new Developer, Josh. He has decided to get on board with us and ride out this journey. Thank you Jay for all you do. Below is a list of other updates which are being worked on.

[X] - Done ; [ ] - In Progress
[X] - CMS installed and Client Functional
[X] - CMS/Server Side Security Functionality Test
[ ] - Server Updates - Edits (CMS, Ingame)
[ ] - Staff Team? (Apply to help us with this)
[] - Habton store (Want Habton merch?)

Have anything you like which you dont see? Contact the Habton Management and inform them!
Fun Stuff-
- As all of the updates are being worked on, it is currently safe to say that Habton is open; although, we are in our Beta testing Stages. Soon, we will begin all the fun stuff on Habton! Here is a brief list of fun things to be expected.
- Weekly Building Events (GOTW, ROTW, COTW, ETC.)
- High off Credits? Builders receive a credit stimulus package (contact hotel management with proof of buildings). This will be in effect soon!
- Have a gambling addiction? So do I! Habton economy is being designed to keep the gambling community engaged and working for their goodies!
- Staff applications. Fun process for you, stressful for us. We will need to hire staff as Habton is looking for some skilled yet fun people!


How COVID-19 Impacts us
As you know with the recent pandemic going around, COVID-19 continues to take thousands of loved ones away from us. As bars are being shut down, depression rates also arrises amongst many. However, we can assure you no virus on this PLANET can wipe out Habton Hotel. Habton may be a blessing which arrised from Corona, but it cannot be destroyed by it (unless humanity is wiped obviously.) So spend your time here, enjoy indoors.
Wash hands, Dont touch your Face, Self-isolate

We also want to thank those of you who supported Habton in starting this journey. Habton is blessed to have a loving community is ready to expand with many more new wonderful others who will be joining us! We also thank you, the reader for supporting us. Stay safe!

- Habton hotel Management