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Wow.. another event!


After the success of ROTW, we have now added COTW, COTW stands for Casino of the week, it's the same idea as room of the week,
but instead you guys will be building a Casino around a theme which we give!

The first theme is... Gothic

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a gambler and a bit of a builder, give this one a go!

Please ensure your room name is COTW#1 for it to be eligible and to ensure we don't miss any entries!

Now for the prizes!

So this week we've changed things up a bit, we've added a token system to the hotel. We are in the process of adding a token catalogue page.
The token page will have all different types of customs in it and the winners of competitions in the hotel will be given tokens instead of coins!

1st Place - 5 Tokens and a Gold Trophy from the Habton staff team!

2nd Place - 3 Tokens and a Silver Trophy from the Habton staff team!

3rd Place - 1 Token and a Bronze Trophy from the Habton staff team!

The closing date will be the 7th of May. Good luck from us all!